Keeping Seed Treatments on Target

Keri Carstens, Senior Manager, Integrated Product Research & Stewardship, DuPont Pioneer - Seed Treatment Enterprise
Fred Rice, Environmental Fate Scientist at Syngenta Crop Protection
Jeffrey Gore, Associate Professor, Mississippi State University

Length - 1:27:52

The Information Gap Between Industry and Consumers

Mike Gruber, Vice President, Federal Affairs Grocery Manufacturers Association
Tim Hassinger, President and CEO, Dow AgroSciences, LLC

Length - 1:02:19

Sorghum Session

Scott Staggenborg, Director, Product Portfolio and Technology Advancement, Chromatin, Inc.
Song Luo, Associate Director of Molecular Breeding & Traits, Chromatin, Inc.
Forrest Chumley, Senior Advisor - Science and Special Projects, Heartland Plant Innovations
Justin Weinheimer, Crop Improvement Director, United Sorghum Checkoff Program

Length - 1:22:33

General Session: 2016 Agricultural Economy Report: Future Global Market Essentials

Andy LaVigne, President and CEO, ASTA
Jessie Alt, Research Scientist, DuPont Pioneer
Dan Basse, AgResource Company

Length - 1:34:37

Wheat Session

Moderator: Matt Wehmeyer, AgriMaxx
Vince Peterson, VP of Overseas Operations, U.S. Wheat Associates, Inc.
Donald Mennel, Chairman of the Board, The Mennel Milling Company
Juliet Marshall, Associate Professor of Agronomy and Pathology in Cereals Cropping Systems, University of Idaho
Andrew Newby, Managing Director, KWS UK Ltd.  

Length - 2:00:05

Environment and Sustainability in Agriculture: Where Does the Seed Industry Play a Role?

Moderator: Dion McBay, Monsanto Company
Carrie Volmer-Sanders, Nutrient Strategy Manager North America Agriculture Program, The Nature Conservancy
Elyssa McFarland, Field Manager, Soil Health Partnership
Shawn Richmond, Director of Environmental Technology, Agribusiness Association of Iowa

Length - 1:37:30

Glancing Back and Moving Forward in a Changing Industry

Moderator: Andy LaVigne, ASTA President
Sonny Beck, CEO, Beck's Superior Hybrids
Paul Schickler, President, DuPont Pioneer
Jon Leafstedt, Managing Partner, Kincannon & Reed

Length - 1:56:05

Young Professionals Workshop: Managing for Transitional Generations

Moderator: Chris Boomsma, Director of Field Phenomics and Trait Development, Purdue University
John Latham, President, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds
Sonny Beck, CEO, Beck's Superior Hybrids
Scott Beck, President, Beck's Superior Hybrids

Length - 1:47:53

Breeding Part I: Impacts of Gene Editing Technologies on the Global Seed Business

Moderator: Bill Tracy, Univeristy of Wisconsin
Brian Staskawicz, Professor, University of California at Berkeley
Neal Gutterson, VP, Research and Development, DuPont Pioneer
Carl Jones, Accelerated Breeding Technologies Lead, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

Length - 1:35:42

Breeding Part 2: Applying Phenomic Data in Breeding Pipelines

Moderator: Chris Boomsma, Director of Field Phenomics and Trait Development, Purdue University
Natalia de Leon, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Peter Cousins, Principal Scientist and Grape Breeder, E. & J. Gallo Winery
Mitch Tuinstra, Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Purdue University

Length - 1:28:07

Student Preparation Workshop: So You're Graduating Next Year?

Moderator: Ann Jorss, ASTA
Casey Zeller, Commercial Marketing Manager, AgReliant Genetics, LLC
Samantha Bock, Corporate Communications Manager, AgReliant Genetics, LLC
Oswaldo Lopez, Global Human Resources Lead, RiceTec
Katy Rainey, Assistant Professor, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Purdue University

Length - 1:22:18