ASTA VFS 2018 - Steve Wiley: Opening Remarks

Steve Wiley
General Manager/COO, American Takii

Length - 0:03:05

ASTA VFS 2018 - Tracy Tally: Welcome Remarks

Tracy Tally
President, Justin Seeds Co.
Jane DeMarchi
VP, Government & Regulatory Affairs, ASTA
Dr. Allen Van Deynze
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, UC Davis
Wayne Gale
Stokes Seeds, ASTA Second Vice Chair

Length - 0:25:54

ASTA VFS 2018 - Don Goodwin: Hot Topics and Trends

Don Goodwin
President, GoldenSun Marketing

Length - 0:22:26

ASTA VFS 2018 - Frank Maconachy: Extreme Technology - Mechanical and Automated Harvesting

Frank Maconachy
President/CEO, Ramsay Highlander

Length - 0:31:56

ASTA VFS 2018 - Jim Pantaleo: Indoor Vertical Farming - Old Challenges, New Opportunities

Jim Pantaleo
General Manager, Urban Produce

Length - 0:25:00

ASTA VFS 2018 - Raja Ramachandran: Blockchain of Food

Raja Ramachandran

Length - 0:15:49

ASTA VFS 2018 - Steve Wiley: Closing Remarks

Steve Wiley
General Manager/COO, American Takii

Length - 0:05:34

ASTA VFS 2018 - Panel Q&A

Moderator: Don Goodwin, President, Golden Sun Marketing
Frank Maconachy, President/CEO, Ramsay Highlander
Jim Pantaleo, General Manager, Urban Produce
Raja Ramachandran, CEO,

Length - 0:08:52