Leading Across Generations: Communicating with Influence

Effective communication is a key requirement of leadership. In communication, there are many barriers to understanding and to being understood. Generational differences represent a class of communication barriers that are likely unseen and can be a source of frustration. This webinar will highlight how to improve our communication methods to bridge and even promote the valuable generational differences that exist in all workplaces. This webinar is for all employees who want to hear from their peers on what has worked for them to build relationships and be effective communicators.

This is the 6thand final webinar in our Leadership Series for 2019. 

Our Speakers:

  • Wayne Gale, President, Stokes Seeds
  • Elizabeth Stulberg, Science Policy Manager, ASA-CSSA-SSSA
  • Andrew Lauver, 2011 FuSE Campus Connection Program, ASTA Intern

Leading Across Generations: Communicating with Influence

Length - 57:06