Seed Conditioning Technologies

Moderator: Alan Gaul, Iowa State University
Allan Sutherland, Fischbein LLC
Jonathan C. Popp, P.E., President, Popp Engineering, Inc.
Steve McEachron, Midwest Sales Manager, Bratney Companies

Length - 1:11:19

Opening General Session

Bill Whitacre, President and Chief Executive Officer, J.R. Simplot Company

Length - 1:13:47

The Economics of the Export Market: Breakfast with Dan Basse

Dan Basse, AgResource Company

Length - 1:01:27

Keeping Pollinators Safe

Moderator: Gregory Lamka
Christian Krupke, Associate Professor
Gerald Hayes Jr., Honey Bee Health Lead, Monsanto
Laurie Adams, Executive Director, Pollinator Partnership
Paul Mitchell, AgInfomatics, LLC

Length - 1:58:19

Future Funding for U.S. Wheat Breeding: Royalties and Buying Trends

Moderator: Ken Davis
Brad Hansen, Operating Officer, Prairie Sky Seed
David Hansen
Frank Curtis

Length - 1:17:48

Biologicals as New Tools for the Seed Industry

Moderator: Jim Shearl
Daniel Kittle, Vice President, R&D, Dow AgroSciences
Frank DeGennaro
Jennifer Riggs
Ken Ferreira, Microbial Product Development Lead, Monsanto Company
Palle Pedersen, Seedcare Technology Manager, Syngenta

Length - 1:28:40

The Value of Science: Perceptions and Realities for Feeding the Future

Kevin FoltaProfessor & Chairman, University of Florida Horticultural Sciences Department

Length - 56:40

The ABC's of the Cellulosic Ethanol Industry: Agronomy, Biology & Chemistry

John Pieper, Stover Feedstock Workstream Leader, DuPont Industrial Biosciences
Scott Staggenborg, Director, Product Portfolio and Technology Advancement Chromatin, Inc.

Length - 1:15:34

Agronomy and Pathology Across Crops

Moderator: Emerson Nafziger, Professor, University of Illinois
Anne Dorrance, Professor, The Ohio State University, Department of Plant Pathology
Joe Lauer, University of Wisconsin

Length - 1:23:33

The Farm of the Future: Technology-based Evolution of Grain Farming in a Capital-rich Environment

Moderator: Christopher Boomsma, Agronomic Traits Product Characterization Leader Dow AgroSciences
Clay Mitchell, Fall Line Capita

Length - 57:30

Emerging Pests: Sugarcane Aphid and Sorghum

Moderator: Charles Miller, Chromatin Inc.
David Kerns

Length - 26:33

Corn & Sorghum Genetics for the Downstream Customer

Bob Klein, Plant Geneticist, USDA-ARS
Natalia de Leon