Corn Sorghum Seed (CSS) Research Conference - Soybean Seed Research Conference - Seed Expo


Opening General Session: Economic Outlook for Agriculture

Dan Basse, AgResource

Length - 1:18:00

Application and Technology in Seed Treatments

- Value to the Farmer: Terry Meyer, INCOTEC

- Treatments as a value added activity: Eda Reinot, BASF Seed Solutions

Length - 1:03:01

The Soil Microbiome: Discovering Microbial Solutions for Agricultural Challenges

Jose Pablo (JP) Dundore-Alias, Research Associate, University of Minnesota

Length - 26:44

Manipulation of the Plant Microbiome for Crop Improvement

Susan Turner, Senior Vice President, Research & Development, BioConsortia Inc.

Length - 24:00

Microbial Traits for Sustainable Agriculture

Sonya Franklin Ph.D., Director, Microbial Traits, Monsanto Company

Length - 24:11

Precise Engineering of Plant Genomes with Sequence Specific Nucleases

Dan Voytas, University of Minnesota

Length - 28:33

Accelerated Plant Breeding Enabled by Genome Editing

Mark Cigan, DuPont Pioneer

Length - 25:16

Efficient Genome Editing for Crop Improvement

BJ Haun, Calyxt

Length - 29:30

Next-Generation Genetic and Breeding Solutions, Part II: Opportunities and Challenges - Segment 1

- Review of Coordinated Framework & International Landscape for Breeding Technologies: Julia Doherty, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Length - 15:23

Next-Generation Genetic and Breeding Solutions, Part II: Opportunities and Challenges - Segment 2

- USDA Review of Biotech Regulations: Mike Gregoire, United States Department of Agriculture

Length - 12:38

Next-Generation Genetic and Breeding Solutions, Part II: Opportunities and Challenges - Q&A

Moderator: Bernice Slutsky, ASTA

Julia Doherty, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
Mike Gregoire, United States Department of Agriculture
Bernice Slutsky, ASTA
Tamar Haspel, The Washington Post

Length - 13:46

Data Feeding the Breeding

Noah Freeman, AgReliant Genetics

Length - 16:13

Automated Field-Based Phenotyping from Blue River Technology

Matthew Thompson, Blue River

Length - 19:31

Multi-trait Selection Indices for Plant Breeding in the Post-Genomic Neo-Phenomic Era

Seth Murray, Texas A&M

Length - 22:55

Exploiting Traits of High Heratability to Predict Traits of Low Heratability

Jose Osorio, AgReliant Genetics, LLC

Length - 34:29

Boosting Sorghum Yield Through Mutants with enhanced Spikelet Fertility

John Burke, USDA/ARS

Length - 25:28

Genomic Prediction of Bioenergy and Forage Sorghum Traits

Pat Brown, University of Illinois

Length - 30:21

Soybean Weed Resistance

Larry Steckel, The University of Tennessee

Length - 22:46

Cut Rootworn Management: An Update on BT Resistance Issues

Nicholas Tinsley, University of Illinois

Length - 26:01

Wheat Today and Tomorrow

Integrating Multi-Disciplinary Technology for Improved Wheat Yields

Ed Souza, Bayer CropScience

Length - 22:38

Yield Trends and Breeding Efficiency, The Future of Wheat

Clay Sneller, Ohio State University

Length - 27:27

The Future of Wheat A Baker's Perspective

Len Heflich, Grupo Bimbo

Length - 8:23

Value Chain Engagement in Wheat Improvement

- The Scoop on Wheat Innovation: Len Heflich, Grupo Bimbo

Length - 14:00

Heflich and Gilpin Panel - Question and Answer

Len Heflich, Grupo Bimbo
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat

Length - 15:44

Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance Education Sessions

Patent and PVP Application Requirements

Barbara Campbell, Patent Attorney

Length - 9:36

Intellectual Property Procurement in Schillinger Genetics

Length - 8:24

Technology Management & Industry Relations

Nancy Parker, Ph.D., Licensing and Business Development Associate, Technology Management & Industry Relations, University of Missouri-Columbia

Length - 17:12

Licensing Maintenance of Rights

Length - 16:05

Maintenance of Agricultural IP

Length - 14:00

US PVP and Patent Labeling

Length - 9:12

What Type of IP Protection May Cover Your Proprietary Subject-Matter

Length - 10:43

Identification of Innovation

Cecilia Chi-Ham, Ph.D., Director of Innovation and R&D Strategy, SIPA Technical Education Unit Chicago, Illinois

Length - 11:52

Invention Identification - Best Practices

Length - 8:45