With the elections in the rear view mirror, attention is turning to the legislative agenda in 2019. Health care became a major flashpoint in the election, with Democratic voters particularly energized after last year's congressional debate on legislation to repeal parts of the health care law.

What will the results means for health care priorities on Capitol Hill? How will consumer access to care be impacted by these new leaders with fresh health care agendas? Roll Call will discuss potential turnover on committees and how the electoral outcome could influence policy priorities next year on issues such as drug prices, the health care insurance exchanges and oversight.

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Welcome Remarks from Roll Call
Patrick Pexton, Editor, CQ News
Keynote #1:
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
In conversation with Mary Ellen McIntire, CQ Roll Call
Panel Discussion
Vidor Friedman, President, ACEP
Mary Grealy, President, Healthcare Leadership Council
Elena Rios, President and CEO, National Hispanic Medical Association
Sarah Dash, President and CEO, Alliance for Health Reform
In conversation with Rebecca Adams, CQ News
Closing Remarks
Patrick Pexton, Editor, CQ News
Interview with Jim Manley
Consumers for Quality Care