Plenary Session (1): What is the Artemis Project? Understanding the Process and Progress

Moderator: Pat Haugen, NBCC Advocate
Alana Welm, PhD, Associate Professor, Oncological Sciences, Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah
Silvia Formenti, MD, Chairman of Radiation Oncology, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Sandra and Edward Meyer Professor of Cancer Research, Weill Cornell Medicine
Susan Love, MD, MBA, Chief Visionary Officer, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

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Workshop 3 – Immunotherapy and Breast Cancer – What’s Happening?

Speaker: Kim Lyerly, MD, FACS, George Barth Geller Professor of Cancer Research, Professor of Surgery, Professor of Immunology, Professor of Pathology, Duke University
Moderator: Nancy Ryan, NBCC Advocate      

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Workshop 4 - Access to Health Care

Speaker/Moderator: Michelle Esser, NBCC Board of Directors; Young Survival Coalition
Speakers: Richard Frank, PhD, Margaret T. Morris Professor of Health Economics, Harvard Medical School

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Plenary Session (3): Ethical Issues Surrounding Cancer Treatments

Sarah Emond, MPP, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, ICER                   
Steven Joffe, MD, MPH, Emanuel & Robert Hart Associate Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy; Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
Tracy Leduc, NBCC Advocate
Moderator: Cindy Pearson, Executive Director, National Woman’s Health Network; Co-founder, Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need; and NBCC Advocate 

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Plenary Session (4): Deadline 2020 White Paper – An Interactive Session

Speaker: Wanda Lucas, NBCC Board of Directors; Metropolitan Washington DC Chapter of NBCC
Facilitator: Molly Mead, EdD, Senior Consultant, Praxis Consulting Group, Inc.

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Workshop 3 – Genomics and Breast Cancer

Steven Shak, MD, Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Genomic Health, Inc.
Michele Atlan, NBCC Board of Directors Alternate; Breast Cancer Care and Research Fund
Moderator: Vernal Branch, NBCC Advocate

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Workshop 1 – Participating Effectively in a Scientific Peer Review

Molly Mead, EdD, Senior Consultant, Praxis Consulting Group, Inc.  
Beth Emery, NBCC Board of Directors Alternate 
Moderator: Kathleen Harris, NBCC Advocate 

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Workshop 2 – Ramp up Your Critical Appraisal Skills

Gary Schwitzer, Publisher and Founder, Health News Review
Christine Norton, NBCC Board of Directors; Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition

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