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Kickoff Session: Washout Model Planning to Control Used Inventory…Before You Sell the First One

Casey Seymour
Remarketing Manager, Prairieland Partners, Hutchinson, Kan.

Length - 00:39:30

Roundtable 2-Minute Recap Day 1

Length - 00:17:07

Dealer-to-Dealer Panel: Bringing Discipline in Your Valuation Process

David Gibson, Wholesale Division Manager, H&R Agri-Power
Dusty Schulz, Used Ag Equipment Manager, Butler Machinery Co.
Cory Forrester, General Manager, Forrester Farm Equipment

Length - 00:55:37

Keynote: Beyond Market Share and "Paper Profits"…Attacking Your Dealership's Used Equipment Turns, Revenue Mix and Cash Flow

Dr. Jim Weber, Consultant/Trainer

Length - 0:54:09

Sponsors Presentation

Length - 00:03:06

Dinner and Special Presentation

Length - 0:39:49

Special Technology Session: New for 2017

Length - 01:01:59

Roundtable 2-minute Recap Day 2

Length - 0:18:20

Dealer-to-Dealer Panel: After the Trade-In: Immediate Action for Getting it Back Into the Market

Don Aberle, Titan Outlet Store Manager & Used Equipment Manager, Titan Machinery
Ben Bair, Used Equipment Manager, 21st Century Equipment
Steve Swartzrock, President, Swartzrock Implement
Leo Johnson, Partner, Johnson Equipment

Length - 0:39:37

General Session: Outside Looking In: An Analyst's View of Farm Machinery's Used Equipment Challenges

Ann Duignan
J.P. Morgan, New York, NY

Length - 0:57:54

Dealer-to-Dealer Panel: Compensation That Emphasizes - and Moves - Used Equipment

Shawn Skaggs, President/COO, Livingston Machinery
Jon Carlo, Director of Sales, AgriVision Equipment
Trent Hummel, Consultant/Trainer, Western Equipment Dealers Association Dealer Institute

Length - 0:49:09

Summary and Next Steps for Your Dealership

Length - 0:03:58