Secretary Vilsack
Jeri Buchholz
Aneesh Chopra
Women in Government
Tom Shoop and Don Kettl
Young Government Leaders Town Hall


Welcome to the online extension of Excellence in Government 2014. You may watch any of the sessions and access additional resources once you have registered.

Excellence in Government’s mission is building the agency of the future. As workforce demographics shift and businesses develop new ways of managing and measuring performance, the federal government must be poised to respond — and to compete in the new landscape of work. These sessions will look at:

  • Talent & Hiring - Global and U.S. workforce demographics are changing. With a new, more diverse generation on employees entering government, how can agencies recruit and grow top talent?
  • Culture & Training - The culture of an organization is vital to employee retention. How are federal leaders building agencies and departments with great culture? How are they developing talent that supports that culture?
  • Data & Performance - The future of work is data-driven. From decision-making to performance management, how are government agencies leveraging metrics, big data, and technology to improve employees work and program outcomes?
  • The New Workplace - The rising workforce works in non-traditional ways. How are agencies leveraging flex schedules, mobile offices, and green buildings to build a workplace of the future?