The Future of Secure Network Mobility

Enabling network mobility for command posts and vehicles has many challenges – including setup and tear down time, power and fuel constraints, size constraints and environmental extremes. Wireless technologies can play a critical role in enabling mobility, but the added security requirements to deploy wireless based networking conflict with goals to reduce the size, weight and power of deployed equipment.

To meet these conflicting demands, future programs are starting to look to small form factor networking and communications equipment – delivering more capability to the edge, while reducing SWaP and standing up to punishment.


The webinar will include:

  • Security requirements, architecture and leading technologies enabling secure Wi-Fi for mission communications.
  • NSA-approved (CSfC) architectures enabling Wi-Fi for use on classified network in the battlefield.
  • How to save Size, Weight and Power and withstand environmental extremes in tactical wireless deployments.
  • Managing the added complexity of secure wireless for the warfighter.


Editor in Chief, SIGNAL Magazine
Bob Ackerman has been the editor in chief of SIGNAL Magazine for more than a dozen years. A seasoned technology journalist, Ackerman also has served as a war correspondent covering the Iraq War embedded with the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division. A journalist by training, Ackerman also minored in political science in university. His journalism career dates back more than three decades, beginning with stints as a radio reporter covering the Republican and Democratic parties’ political conventions during the 1976 elections. Following those conventions, he served as a media advisor or a press secretary for candidates in state and presidential campaigns.
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Vice President and Chief Technologist, Security
Jon Green, Vice President of Vice President and Chief Technologist, Security for Aruba has been in the information technology and security industry for 20 years and has been deeply engaged with Federal government security and wireless for the last seven years. He has been a leader in the CSfC, responsible for driving successful NIAP/Common Criteria certifications for numerous technologies and successful deployments. Jon is holds numerous security certifications including CISSP, CNSSI 4014, NSTISSI 4011, and ACMX.
PacStar, Chief Technical Officer
Charlie Kawasaki, CTO of PacStar has been in software engineering and networking for over 35 years, the last 12 of which have been focused on developing DoD tactical networking solutions. He leads the development of CSfC systems and solutions at PacStar, working closely with enterprise-class technology provider to adapt their technology for military use. Charlie is a CISSP, holds numerous patents, and serves on boards and committees of several cybersecurity related public/private entities.