Keynote: Why B2B is the Future for The Weather Channel

Chris Walters, Chief Operating Officer, The Weather Channel Companies

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1+1= 3: Getting Business and Technology Groups to Work Together

Tom Cintorino, Executive Vice President, Digital Media, Northstar Travel Media

Paul Gerbino, Publisher, ThomasNet News, ThomasNet

Dave Newcorn, VP of Digital and Custom Media, Summit Media Group

Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer, Integrate

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10 Ways You Can (and Must) Leverage Audience Data Today

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Spotlight Solution sponsored by Adobe

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ABMs 2014 Managing Profits Report: Industry Outlook

Michael Alterio, Director of Research, ABM

Lou Brothers, Senior Manager, WeiserMazars

Jack Semler, President / CEO, Readex Research

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Reality Check: Advanced But Realistic Marketing Solutions

Hugh Byrne, Senior Vice President, GreenBiz

Mike Kisserbeth, Chief Revenue Officer, TechMedia Network

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Spotlight Solution sponsored by MediaRadar

Todd Krizelman, Founder & CEO, MediaRadar

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Case Study: How BLR Built Workflow Tools for Its Customers

Edward Keating, Chief Content Officer, BLR

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How to Manage Legacy Products While Prepping for the Future

Andrew Clurman, President and CEO, Active Interest Media

Mitch Dunford, CEO, Wells Media Group

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What B2B Brands Want from You

Rebecca Carr, CMO, CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Russell Glass, CEO & Co-founder, Bizo

Mason Power, CMO, iLevel Solutions


Tom Stein, CEO, Stein IAS (Americas)

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Better, Cheaper, Faster: Transforming the Content Workflow

Mike Federle, Chief Operating Officer, Forbes Media

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Scaling Your Event Business

Dana Lupton, Executive Vice President, Beauty and Spa Group, Questex Media

Bill Springer, Group Vice President, Diversified Communications

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Building Business Enablement Tools: SaaS and PaaS for Publishers

Alex Ford, CEO, Praetorian Group

Brian Bell, CMO, Zuora

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Turning Content Licensing into a Real Business Line

John Brennan, Director of Business Development, LexisNexis

Larry Schwartz, President, Newstex, LLC

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Passing the Torch: Meet the Next Leaders of B-to-B

Robert Dippell, Vice President of Corporate Development, Praetorian Group

Krystle Kopacz, General Manager, Government Executive Digital, Government Executive Media

Aram Zucker-Scharff, Content Strategist, CFO

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Online Booth Demo Example: Hallmark Data Systems

Online booth demos are one of several revenue-generating ways to increase traffic and exposure for physical event sponsors and exhibitors.

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